Let Your Faith Remind You Today and Everyday, That No Matter What Lies Ahead of You…God is already there Working On Your Behalf!!! So don’t get Worked Up over things God Is Gonna Work Out!!!







Defining Your Worth #WitnessWednesday

Taking responsibility for defining your own worth means that decide to define your worth internally – by your kindness, caring, compassion, and contributions to others – rather than by approval, looks and performance. It means that, rather than trying to get love, you make being loving to yourself and others your highest priority. It means that, instead of defining your worth by how thin you are, or by how much sex you have, or by the clothes you wear, or by the car you drive or the house you live in or by how much money you have, you define your worth by your kindness toward yourself and others, by what you contribute toward helping others, by your generosity of spirit, by your ability to love without strings attached.

In order to truly love others, you need to first learn to love yourself – taking emotional responsibility for all your own feelings.


Motivation Monday

It’s ‪#‎MotivationMonday

‬Today Whatever Storm you’re going through or any STORM you see coming your Way-

Always REMEMBER these 2 Things When it comes to Storms…

1. God Will Calm The Storm

2. Or God will Calm YOU!!!!

Either Way God’s Got Your Back ♡♥♡♥

Don’t get Worked Up over things Our God Can Work Out!!!