Married To The Military

When You are Married To Any Branch Of The Armed Forces, It is an ongoing Sacrifice that You and Your Spouse will continuously have to acknowledge. No One Spouse Sacrifice is bigger than the other…but at times you will have to put self on the back burner and Esteem Your Spouse Higher Than Yourself in your Marriage. Honestly Not Everyday is gonna be a FairyTale but with the right tools It Will Be Worth It.

The Three C’s to a Great Marriage:

Communication– I know it is Cliche’ but without  basic COMMUNICATION skills…Neither one of you would be able to speak WITH each other and Not AT EACH OTHER!!!

Consistent– What You Did To Get Them…You gotta Keep Doing It To Keep Them.

If You Wore The Nice Lingere’ while dating, Why once you get Married you Come To Bed rocking The Long Johns…LOL #ThatAintRight

CHRIST– Keep God First…And Make Sure You Build Your Marriage on A Solid And True Foundation and Skies Are The Limit.



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