Lord Guide Me…..

As My Oldest Daughter gets older and as time goes on I Will have to prepare myself to answer some hard hitting questions about decisions I have made on her behalf,  God As My Witness I’m not ready…. I’m Actually Scared To Death of that time. She is one of the most inquisitive soon to be 5 year old that I have ever encountered- She Says to me all the time “Mommy, I’m going to be a big girl soon…” Everytime she tells me that My Heart Drops because I Know Sooner Than Later We will have to have that tough discussion about…… The Time That Her Life Got Flipped Turn Upside Down and Everything she knew as being the norm became a distant memory. She Is already asking some questions and I just stretch the truth and she gives me the “Whachu Talkin Bout Willis Face”  I Truly Believe the Hardest part of Parenting is Deciding which People, Places, & Things to Shield your children from. The Only Advice I Have is when that time comes Please Seek Wise & Godly Counsel.


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